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Art off the Rock 2010 - Lot 01


“Bass Rock”

Oil on Canvas 60x60cm

Dronma studied at Laurel Bank and Glasgow School of Art. After studies at Jordanhill College of Education and a period of teaching, she was appointed Art Director of Glasgow Arts Centre. Until 2008 she was part-time lecturer at Forth Valley College and is currently painting full-time and is Vice President of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists.

One of Dronma’s earliest memories is of sitting alongside her father learning to paint. Her bold landscapes conjure up the atmosphere of the place. In her words “I am fascinated by the vibrancy of ‘in-betweens’ - land/sea; day/night; where I can feel the energy and pull of the elements, heightening the senses.”

Exhibitions & Collections:
Her work has been exhibited all over the United Kingdom, and is in private collections world-wide. In 2008 she took part in the Primavera Art Rotterdam, and also exhibited in Vienna. Dronma’s work is also in a private collection in Delhi.

Dronma is a Tibetan Buddhist and her Tibetan thanka paintings (iconographic scroll paintings) form a permanent collection at the Scottish Retreat Centre at Balquhidder.


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