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Art off the Rock 2010 - Lot 07

Stephen J Carruthers

“Cottages at Bennachie”

Oil on Canvas 12x10”

Background & Influences:
Stephen graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1983. He is a full-time painter working in Scotland and France and has developed a more traditional style in which the influence of artists such as the original Glasgow Boys of the early 20th century and the early colourists has played an important role. Like these painters he has a keen interest in capturing the essence of the landscape and its cultivation.

“Stephen’s work has gained both in statue and popularity in recent years. He has a unique subtlety of tone in his painting and a variety of colour in his palate which is used to great effect often tending to reflect the colour of the season in which he is painting. The tranquillity of composition and his willingness to vary subject matter means that there is a constant freshness in his work that gives it ongoing appeal” – recent exhibition catalogue.

He has received a number of honours from various professional groups including the Scottish Arts Club and the Royal Glasgow Institute and is a past president of Visual Arts Scotland.

Exhibitions and Collections:
He has exhibited widely in the UK, and works are held in many public and private collections here and abroad.

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