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Art off the Rock 2010 - Lot 10

Ritchie Collins

‘Harbour Moon’

Mixed media on canvas 20x20cm


The artist Ritchie Collins was born on the west coast of Scotland and studied painting and illustration in Glasgow before settling in Edinburgh, where he has just opened his own gallery.

Ritchie’s art is influenced by the Scottish coast and wild countryside. Celtic art, myths and Scottish folklore are a constant source of inspiration. Vibrant colour simple form and a creative use of texture are woven together to give the original paintings there unique magical quality.
“All the things I paint come from dreams or memories of places I’ve been. What is important to me is trying to capture the true feelings of a place in time, rather than the reality.”
Each painting tells a story and endless details to lose yourself in, something new to explore with every glance.

Ritchie Collins’ paintings appeal to all ages and he is enjoying a growing demand for his work, now exhibiting in the UK and as far a field as New Zealand. His work is now in many private collections.
Ritchie is constantly challenging his creativity and exploring new idea.

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