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Art off the Rock 2010 - Lot 16

Philip Raskin

‘Towards Tiree’

18 cm x 13 cm

Background & Influences:
Philip Raskin was born in Glasgow and attended the Glasgow School of Art in the nineteen sixties. The untimely death of his father however, forced Philip to abandon his studies and he is best known as the proprietor of The Inn on the Green restaurant in the city’s east end over which he and his wife presided for nearly twenty years. That establishment’s walls doubled as a quality art gallery and allowed Philip to keep in touch with the world of art and artists. Just after the millennium, Philip left the world of catering behind and returned to his easel and brushes.

His chosen subjects are land and seascapes but in effect they are predominantly skyscapes - he has a facility to portray movement and light in a quite magical and unique manner. This is complemented by his use of an impasto technique to capture the textures, ruggedness and multi-faceted aspects of a shoreline and its reflections. The overall result is to depict his native Scotland in an instantly recognisable handwriting, one which has resonated with the art-buying public.

Exhibitions and Collections:
Philip has quickly acquired a growing band of followers and collectors. His original paintings and limited editions are now to be found in High Street galleries and major art fairs throughout the UK and beyond.

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